Does Car Window Tinting block UV rays?

Does Car Window Tinting block UV rays

We all know that the UV radiation from the sun is highly dangerous, not only for human, it was dangerous for all living creatures in the world. As a main part of the role, a human has the knowledge to find out different ways for protecting their self from sun light. Yet the sun exposure does not happen when you are spending your time in outdoors, it can also happen via the window of your vehicles like car and truck.

A real fact is that the majority of rich people receives most of their sun exposure when driving. As a result of these doctors, they have found that the sun damage is more common on the left side of an adult, due that is the side exposed to the sun while driving.

UV rays will damage the skin on the cellular level, which causing damage that leads to wrinkles, age spots and leathering on the skin. The UV waves are responsible for the reason of cancer skin cells. 90% people affected with cancer are only due to the direct exposure of sun light.

The UV rays can also able to damage a car’s interior, fading the upholstery and panel.  Here you should note that the normal windows and windshield in the car may not be sufficient to resist the UV rays and they will leave you and your child to the sun exposed.  A clear auto glass in the side windows of a car also only blocks about 37% of UV radiations. So that the safety of car and you becomes more important with a sun light.

One of the best ways to protect you and your car with its occupants is to use a window tint on your car windows as a film to block the UV rays. These kind of tinting products are designed more uniquely to absorb or reflect the UV rays and preventing them to enter into your vehicle.

There are many types of car window tint are available which will filter or block the UV rays from the sun light. Blocking as much as 99% percent is depending on the product so that you can able to enjoy your car journey without worrying about the UV rays exposure.

The window tint is very effective for preventing the UV damage that the skin cancer foundation suggest window tinting as a part of a full and proactive skin care programs. One study says that 93% reduction in skin cancer deaths after UV exposure in car was blocked with a UV filter window tint glass.

An important point to note about the window tint is not all the window tints will provide the production from UV rays. Unfortunately, sometimes the window tinting may become a waste of money if you are not choosing right window tint to protect yourself.

Because the some of the window tints in the market are entirely cosmetic, and window tint percentages refer to the amount of light allowed in, not the amount of UV protection provided.