How to Car Window Tinting DIY?

How to Car Window Tinting DIY

Nowadays the window tinting is becomes famous between the drivers everywhere and they will offer the users additional privacy and the gives the production from blazing heat and harmful UV rays or simply sleek, polished look they give to your car. It is always a feature to tint your side windows yourself.

Even though tinting of car windows can be difficult task for the beginners, so for helping them here we are list out simple steps to facilitate this process and permit you to give your vehicle a fresh new appearance.

You need to find out about car tinting regulation in your countries:

In most of the countries, they have specific regulations on tinted windows as dark-tined front windows make it difficult for law enforcement to identify hit and run drivers or to establish the eye contact with suspects during the traffic stops.

Decide the type of window tint you want for your vehicle:

There are many types of windows film available nowadays. You may select a perfect one for your need. You want to select a specific shade or you are looking for a certain effect like metallic, reflective or mirrored.

You need to find out about car tinting regulation in your countries

You can go for considering new options:

Before you go for selecting your window tint, need to consider the pros and cons of that particular type window tinting. While you check for the product you can compare it with some other alternative products to get new options in cleaning your window tinting.

Clean your windows:

Before go for clean your window tinting, you need to clean the window fully both inside and outside using a window cleaning solution and a squeegee.  You may need to clean the windows more than 2 times to remove all the dust particles in it. Here it is vital to clean the glass carefully or else it will cause air bubbles in the film.

Note that to clean the gasket holding the window in place and use a razor blade to scrape off any residue in it.

Measure and pre-cut the window tint film:

Unroll the film onto the inside of the window, the sticky side is the film and the silk side is the liner and keep the liner side up. Trim the film to the approximate size of the window using a razor knife.

Always cut the film by leaving at least one extra inch on each side to ensure the entire window will be covered.

Trim the film:

After cutting the film, you need to position the film so that the straight bottom edge extends to 1 quarter inch below the top of the inside casket. You can use the razor knife to trim the vertical edges of the film, and then lower the window down to about 2 inches and trim the film to fit the shape of the top of the window.

Now apply the application solution on the window using spray and paste the window film onto the window to tint it.