What Window Tinting is Legal in US?

What Window Tinting is Legal in US

The window tinting is a film that placed over the window glass of car or truck or home to get a more personal feel inside them and also helps to protect the users from harmful radiation from sun light.  There are many more benefits are listed to encourage the using of window tinting in vehicle.

Even though it has multiple benefits as one, the use of window tinting may also lead to give way for secret terrorist activities in develope3d countries, so that most of the countries are list out some restrictions for using the window tinting.

In Alabama cityAs one the most developed country in the world, the united states of America also describe some rule for using the window tinting legally in their country. Here you should note the restriction will differ not only country to country, and also it will differ city to city. In US law, each of its cities have a separate rules for using the window tinting, some of them are explained here,

In Alabama city:

In Alabama City in US, the window Tinting of front windshield glass to minimize light transmission is not permitted, except for the upper 6 inches of the windshield.

When you look for the side windows or rears, then the glass tinting that reduce the light transmission to less than 32% or maximize to more than 20% are not permitted.

In Alaska city:

In Alaska city, the front windshield can be permitted to apply but this is only on the top 5 inches of the window. The side windows must have atleast 70 % light transmittance and the rear windows much have 40% light transmittance.

Note that in Alaska City the mirrored window tints are not allowed to fix in the vehicles.

In Arizona city:

In Arizona city, the installation of the windows tinting material which alters the color of the window or reduce the light transmittance is permittable only for a luminous reflection of 35 % or less than that.

In Arkansas city:

In Arkansas city, the window tinting may not be allowed to extend more than 5 inches from the top of the window. Here note that the vehicle which release on the model from the 1994 and later are allowed use the side window tinting but with at least 25% net light transmission.

All vehicles with after-market tints must have a label with the name and phone number of the company and a declaration that the vehicle conforms to the vehicle tinting law that installed the tint on the front glass immediately to the driver’s left.

In California city:

In California city, the window tinting is permitted only for the side windows to the rear windows of the driver. And also the rear windows may be allowed to tinted but only if the vehicle has an outside mirrors in both sides which provides the drivers at least 200 feet of visibility from inside view.

And the uppermost portion of the windshield may also permit to be tinted.